<transcy>Ceramics like no other</transcy>

<transcy>Our selection for you</transcy>

We select ceramic tableware that will change your daily life. We are looking for the color that captivates, the shape that calls out. But not only. We also offer collections full of softness.

<transcy>Tableware that will change your day</transcy>

The unique crystallized enamel, the unusual color, a shape that diverts the object. We are looking for ceramic objects that stand out. For you.

<transcy>Ethics &amp; consumption<div><br></div></transcy>

Our goal is to promote the craftsmanship and know-how of French ceramists. For local consumption and hand-crafted items, in small quantities.

<transcy>Exclusivity &amp; Collab</transcy>

Some collections or creations are exclusive collaborations for our shop.

Slow Glaze collaborations are produced in small quantities and will not all be reproduced.

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